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Emma Tech Gift Set - Black/Gold

Available for the first time ever, The Emma Work Set features our best-selling Emma crossbody Bandolier paired with coordinating classic pouch and phone tablet device stand.

  • Emma Crossbody Bandolier - Adjusts for comfortable, hands-free use; Strap detaches easily to convert into a stand-alone cell phone case; Strap measures 48”- 54'
  • Classic Full Zip Pouch -   Removable for on/off use; Pouch measures 4” x 7”
  • Device Stand -  Base: 3 1/16' W x 4-1/8'. Total height: 5-1/2' inches. With a 270 degree display rotation and a non-slip cradle and base, this stand is designed to hold any phone, tablet, device and many small game systems. 

The Emma Work Set is also the perfect all-in-one gift! Do what you love handsfree and order yours today.